When in doubt, blame Batman

22. Disney nerd. Whovian. Crazy cat lady. Tea drinker. Sometimes enjoys videogames. Curses worse than a sailor. Terribly filthy mind. Musical theatre geek. Hasn't a clue what she wants or where her future lies.
Still believes:
the Doctor will land in her front yard and take her on adventures
she will become a Pokemon master
she will get that blasted letter from Hogwarts.

Thank you all so much! I love my new haircut and OMG Lyndi you are too kind! I really didn’t think I’d be able to pull off short hair, the last time I cut it but not as short and I immediately regretted it. But I absolutely have no regrets and all the compliments really help any of my insecurities, even though I absolutely love the cut to begin with.

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critter-of-habit ohhellosugar HEY LOOK MAMA PIGEON LIKES MY CUT! :D vampire-of-soda nextyearswords thatgirlwasmeanttofly the-tangled-star-rattler ladylottie earthturtle jmmatlock I KNOW YOU REPLIED WITH THAT DAMNED DYNAMITE GAL THING SO I'M TAGGING YOU mgannmasters